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Concerned about diabetes? Enjoy all your favorite foods without blood sugar worries!Pizza? No problem!
Pizza? No problem —the danger's "sliced" out! Eat it The Sugar Blockers Diet way and your blood sugar rise will be reduced by two-thirds!Lose up to 18 1/2 pounds in 6 weeks!
Sugar Blockers Success Story ... 18 1/2 pounds lost in just 6 weeks!
Valerie was one of 16 participants in a 6-week trial of The Sugar Blockers Diet plan. She was one of 15 of the 16 (93.7%) who lost weight.

Diabetes runs in Valerie's family, and being seriously overweight, she knew she had to do something. Her first goal was to lose 15 pounds.
Valerie lost 18 1/2 pounds and 9 1/4 inches!
After just 6 weeks on the Sugar Blockers Diet plan, she exceeded her goal, losing 18½ pounds!

Proving this wasn't a short-term success, 8 weeks after the "official" program had ended, she continued to lose — for a total of nearly 30 pounds!

For a big, healthy bonus, her blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure all went down too!

"I found it very easy to do and I liked it. You can eat anything!" she said. Want to try the same program that did so much for Valerie? CLICK HERE!
A typical consumer who follows the program
described in The Sugar Blockers Diet can
expect to lose up to 1 to 2 pounds per week.
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If you're trying to prevent diabetes — or control it better — one of the major problems is steep rises in blood sugar after eating starchy foods. Which is really annoying because breads, pasta, potatoes, and pizza are among our favorite foods!

Now, you can say YES! to these foods and more — even ice cream! — with the breakthrough Sugar Blockers Diet plan.

Developed by Rob Thompson, MD, a preventive cardiologist who used it to obtain excellent control over his own diabetes, The Sugar Blockers Diet engages your body’s own natural sugar-control system to help you:

Lose weight by unlocking the fat "trapped" in your body
Prevent diabetes, even reverse prediabetes
Make diabetes easier to control
Improve your cholesterol and prevent heart disease!
You can even say YES to ice cream!
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The Sugar Blockers Diet works by slowing down the speed at which your body turns starches into glucose, or sugar. That’s critical because these sugar spikes cause excess release of insulin and insulin resistance, which in turn “locks” in your body fat, making it very difficult to keep your weight at a healthy level.

This isn’t done with drugs but with natural foods such as appetizers, dressings, and condiments. A dab of butter on certain foods, for instance, keeps blood sugar surges under control. Even the order in which you eat your foods at a meal can make a tremendous healthy difference in how your body reacts!

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More weight loss with NO dieting! More weight loss with NO dieting!
Sixteen "everyday" people participated in a trial of Dr. Rob Thompson's The Sugar Blockers Diet program. None of them were told to cut back on calories. Or to avoid fat. Or even sugar!

Yet 15 of the 16 (93.7%) lost weight. Valerie, shown above, lost 18½ pounds in just 6 weeks! How did that happen? And why?

Slowing down the absorption of foods that quickly elevate blood sugar is the answer.
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