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Eat anything, anywhere & control your blood sugars! The "Meatball" Answer to Pasta!Lose up to 18 1/2 pounds in 6 weeks! SUGAR-BLOCKED!
Pasta has a lot of starch that gets digested into sugar very quickly. But who can live without at least some of this delicious and satisfying food?
One Big Helper: Meatballs!
There's nothing "magic" about meatballs — it's their high protein content. As The Sugar Blockers Diet author Dr. Rob Thompson explains, protein triggers a "first phase" response in the pancreas. So a special supply of insulin is quickly released to handle rising blood sugar.

According to Dr. Thompson, it's like a fire department responding to a fire. The sooner the alarm goes off, the fewer firemen — or less insulin — will be needed to put out the fire (high blood sugar).

This is just one of many sugar blockers you can throw into action to keep blood sugar down in the "safe" zone. Discover all of them and how to use them in your FREE-trial copy of The Sugar Blockers Diet. Request your copy HERE!
Sugar Blockers Success Story...You can eat anything!
Cindy has been diagnosed as prediabetic and had tried to lose weight before. She found it annoying to pay for the program, buy their supplements, and eat so many of their bars a day.

The Sugar Blockers Diet, she says, "is all regular food you can buy in a grocery store, and that you’d buy anyway."
Cindy lost 10 pounds and 11 inches!
After dropping 10 pounds in 6 weeks, Cindy lost 4 more pounds just a few weeks after the “official” program ended. And her postmeal blood sugars are declining more and more every week.

Was following The Sugar Blockers Diet hard? Just the opposite! “I felt like I wasn’t doing it right because it was so easy,” Cindy admits. “You can eat anything!”

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A typical consumer who follows the program described in The Sugar Blockers Diet can expect to lose up to 1 to 2 pounds per week.
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Under control at the pizza parlor...on the road...and yes, with fine dining!
Example: Before eating pasta at your favorite Italian restaurant, order Caprese — a salad of mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and basil drenched in olive oil. Each ingredient helps keep your blood sugar "calm" as you enjoy the pasta!

Dr. Thompson explains how to order in any kind of restaurant and how to eat it — even those warm, starch-rich rolls the waiter plunks on your table!

The idea is to eat right all day long, wherever you may be. And there’s no need to deprive yourself of the most satisfying foods.

A typical day might include bacon, eggs, a latte, a big steak, a baked potato with butter and sour cream, and a chocolate dessert.

Compared to an ordinary diet, your blood sugar surge for the day can be reduced by nearly 85 percent! If you’re looking for an advantage like that, look at The Sugar Blockers Diet FREE for 21 days — right HERE!
Guacamole and chips makes a delicious appetizer at a Mexican restaurant, but those chips are loaded with sugar-raising starch. And corn chips actually raise your blood sugar higher than wheat!

But no problemo if you follow Dr. Thompson’s tip for this food pleasure (and many others). In fact, he points out, the healthy fats in the guacamole help control your blood sugar for the rest of the meal.

And he has some great suggestions for ordering a main course — which is probably the tastiest item on the menu!
Bake Yourself Happy!
If you like baked goods like breads, muffins, and cookies (who doesn't?) but want to keep your blood sugar under control, you can do just that with The Sugar Blockers Diet!
Say YES to muffins! SUGAR-BLOCKED!
  The trick is to mix nut flours with regular wheat flour. The wonderful (and delicious) result: Your blood sugar uptick from indulging is trimmed down by a tremendous two-thirds!

The recipe section of The Sugar Blockers Diet tells you exactly how do this for best results and offers recipes for sugar-blocked delights like:

NUTTY BROWNIES — mouthwatering goodies!
classic summer treat!
CARROT CUPCAKES — fabulous flavor with 4 tasty sugar blockers!
CHOCOLATE FLOURLESS CAKE — dense, decadent, irresistible!

  So go ahead, bake yourself happy! Get your
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"Crunch down" the sugar rise from chips and dip The Sugar Blockers way!
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